Malibu Home Sales August 2017

So how is the Malibu Home Sales August 2017?   Are prices up, down or stable?  How quickly are Malibu homes are selling for in the city?  Is now a good time to sell your real estate in Malibu and move?  

I know you have a lot of questions about Malibu real estate and my blog post today should answer some of them.  I send out a free monthly report about Malibu Housing Trends that you may want to sign up to receive.

Malibu Home Sales August 2017 Review

As of September 4th, 2017, here are the numbers:

Malibu Homes for Salethere are 72 currently for sale

Average selling price of Malibu homes is $4,675,941 that’s up 15.60% from August 2016.  

Average Selling Price Malibu Home Sales August 2017

Malibu homes are selling for $1,360 per square foot 

Average Price per Square Foot - Malibu Homes August 2017

It takes 112 days for a single family house to sell Malibu homes after being listed; that is down 8.20% from 2016

Average Days on Market to Sell Malibu Homes August 2017


Home buyers bought August 2017 Malibu homes for 94.70% of the final listed price.  This shows you that homes are selling for less than the listed price.  So, when you find a Malibu home that you want to write an offer on to buy, I will figure out the true market value and review numbers like these so you know what to offer.

Malibu Home Sales August 2017 Percentage of the Listed Price Chart

More Fun Facts about Malibu Homes Sales August 2017

  • 21 Malibu homes have sold in 2017, up to August 31st.  That is down 25.00% from 2016.
  • There are 14.20 months of supply of homes for sale; that’s up 4.40% from  2016
  • 34 single family homes in Malibu are in escrow with an accepted offer.

Tips for Being Ready to Purchase Malibu Homes

  1. Get pre-approved for financing ahead of time.  Don’t wait.  Always be prepared.  The more qualified you are as a buyer the better when it comes for me to negotiate on your behalf.
  2. Let’s meet and talk about your real estate plans.  If you are out of the area, call me at 818-422-7447.  The more I know about what you desire in a home and what your goals, the more effective I can be for you…and will probably save you a ton of time researching homes online.
  3. Make a LIST of what you desire in a Malibu property; ocean views, theater, etc. and what you can’t stand.  
  4. I have this cool way of evaluating homes that has helped many of my clients and I will share it with you when we meet.  It will simplify your decision-making process.

Malibu Real Estate Agent Here to Help You Every Step Along the Way

If you are thinking about selling your Malibu real estate, please contact me, Melinda Bonini 818-422-7447.  I have sold over 450 homes in Southern California and am confident that I can help you too.   I’m friendly, positive, confident and professional.  

I hope you can take advantage of the real estate market and learn from the Malibu Homes Sales August 2017.

Melinda Bonini

Melinda Bonini loves real estate. Her passion is to help people with whatever their particular needs are in real estate. As a resident of Valley Glen, she knows the San Fernando Valley, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Malibu and Westside of Los Angeles well. Most of her clients are personal referrals and a good percentage are increasing from the internet. Follow her on Facebook and call her for a free real estate consultation at (818) 422-7447.